IOTX Trading Ranking Tournament Event Plan

Quantitative trading qualifying season opens
Ranking rewards up to 50,000 IOTX
Get a monthly membership to Vtrading for participating
Activity time: April 9th to April 28th
Rule of activity:
1. During the event, start the IOTX quantitative strategy through Vtrading (the event supports the Grid Trading, Seawave Grid and Martin Tracking in the coins trading strategy)
2. IOTX Quantitative Trading Competition supports Binance and Huobi exchanges
3. The same user can start different exchanges and different IOTX quantitative strategies at the same time, and calculate the cumulative trading volume
4. The multi-coins strategy launched during the event includes IOTX trading pairs, and only the IOTX trading volume in multi-currency pairs is counted
5. Quantitative strategy supports IOTX/USDT, IOTX/ETH, IOTX/BTC. For the convenience of statistics, USDT units will be used for statistics.
6. The strategy can be terminated at any time during the event, and a new strategy can be started, and all IOTX transaction volumes will be calculated cumulatively
7. All participating users will receive Vtrading monthly membership rewards, which will be distributed to Vtrading accounts within three working hours after the event ends. Please check carefully
8. The list of winners of the event and the way of receiving awards will be announced in the form of an official announcement within three working days after the event ends. Please pay attention
Activity Award:
Participate in activities, users whose transaction volume reaches Top100 can enjoy corresponding rewards
Top1 rewards 50,000 IOTX, the transaction volume needs to reach 100,000 USDT
Top2–10 Reward 10,000 IOTX The transaction volume needs to reach 50,000 USDT
Top 11-Top 50 rewards 2666 IOTX transaction volume must reach 5000 USDT
Top 50-Top 100 rewards 888 IOTX transaction volume must reach 1000 USDT
The final interpretation of this activity belongs to the Vtrading and IOTX teams




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